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Porcelain Tiles are robust, tough and last for a long time,hence, making it an ideal floor surface. Tiles generally are easy to clean, polish and maintain. Apart from this, just as ceramic tiles,  it is has some other advantages such as long lasting, fire proof, easy to clean and maintain, asthma friendly and many more.

The Porcelain Tiles come in 3 different types:

  • Normal
  • Glazed
  • Polished

Normal Porcelain tiles are used in very high traffic areas with anti-slip properties. They are made in both matt or textured finish.

Glazed porcelain tiles are made by using a decorative and super hard wearing glaze (which can be either matt or gloss) over the porcelain base.

Polished porcelain is simply normal porcelain which has been just polished.

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