Ultraturf Grass Carpet


  • Construction

    5/32’’ Tufted Cut Pile
  • Fibre

    100% Solution Dyed Synthetic with U/V Stabilizer
  • Fibre

    ca. 1085g/m2 (32 oz/y2)
  • Total Weight

    ca. 2500g/m2
  • Pile Height

    Approx 7mm
  • Stitches

  • Backing System

    Marine Back
    • Yarn Count

      6000 Denier
    • Roll Width

    • Roll Length


These artificial turfs are used for Landscaping, Hocky, Tennis and Soccer. These are now widely used around the world. They come in different types of grass and with different pile heights.

it is used in almost all areas of landscaping. It is now also used by lot of city councils  in the middle of the two different road lanes where there used to be natural grass . By installing Artificial Turf, it takes away the risk of a worker working in the middle of the two different lanes while traffic is on.

These are now widely used by the Interior designers where the grass doesn’t grow or in areas where there can be grass but it can be very messy,such as  around the swimming pools.

Great advantages of these turfs:

  • NO maintenance
  • NO need for mowing
  • NO weeding
  • NO Fertilisers needed
  • Looks green and elegant 24/7 and throughout the year.

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